George Washington and Billy Lee

A painting of George Washington and his "mulatto man" Billy

Lecture : October 31, 2015, The Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington D.C. Headquarter Facility William Lee, known as Billy Lee, was George Washington’s personal slave from 1767 until Washington’s death in 1799. For some heretofore unexplained reason, six months before his death, Washington granted Billy Lee his freedom and a life pension. Although he was moved to make … Read more

Thomas Jefferson in France

James Thompson lecturing about Thomas Jefferson in France on C-Span

Banner Lecture at the Virginia Historical Society Richmond, Virginia, September 11, 2014 In this lecture, author James Thompson discusses the people Thomas Jefferson met and the social and intellectual circles he joined during his five years in France (1784-1789). The author reviews the intellectual revolution that began in France in the mid-18th century, its core ideas, and how when Jefferson arrived in the … Read more

What Did Billy Lee Look Like?

Interview with James Thompson about Who was Billy Lee

An Interview with Author, James Thompson This interview originally aired on Cox Cable 30 on November 2015. Virginia Time Travel featured James Thompson, author of George Washington’s Mulatto Man: Who was Billy Lee on their Cox Cable Channel 10 programming. You can view the interview below: